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Ableman's Home Pet Grooming

Groomers in Training Discounts

We are now offering deep discounts for those who would like it with a groomer in training.
$25 for all pets under 45lbs.
$30 for all pets between 46lbs. and 75lbs.
$35 for all pets over 76lbs.
(These are just the basic prices for a bath, the actual grooming is free!)
These prices are for all pets being groomed by our groomer in training, that will be overlooked and taught by Sandra. 
You must be willing to drop off before 12:00 and be flexible with pick-up time as we will need more time than usual to groom him/her, as he/she will be used for training :)
This program will be unavailable during peak seasons due to time constraits, we do appologize.  Peak seasons include the 2 weeks before most holidays.  Spring and Summer months also book up quickly, so please call ahead.  Please call for more information and with any questions.