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Reviews - What people are saying!
Ableman's Home Pet Grooming

Thanks to all who made the time to give us a review!  You are all so wonderful, and make my job even more rewarding than it already is!  I wish I could tell you how much we appreciate you too! - Sandra

Absolutely the best!  5 Star Rating - World class

Sandra has been grooming my dogs for more than two years. She is always consistent, and does an excellent job on any type of dog. I can tell she really cares about the dogs, and none of my dogs are scared to be left with her. I have seniors and most of them do not like to be handled, but Sandra takes her time with them and never forces them into anything. My dogs look their best because of her, and there is no comparison with chain groomers such as Petsmart etc. She also is less expensive than most places, but does better work! She knows what show cut a dog should have, but even if it is not a show dog she always does a breed appropriate cut. She also hand scissors almost the entire dog so the attention to detail is amazing.

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Posted on 5/12/2008
Quality, gentle service
My 14lb dog had been mistreated by another groomer several years ago to the point where he is nervous to the point of biting. True to his nature, he tried all his usual antics at Ablemans but they were firm and gentle with him the entire time. I got what they call the standard treatment – cut, nail trim, glands expressed, wash and blow, and finish cut. It took 1 1/2 hours, and he looked so good, I call it the deluxe spa treatment! Sandra and Wendy let me stay to watch and were as patient with me as they were with my nervous dog. I will DEFINITELY be back.

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Posted on 7/12/2007
My pets love this place!
Sandra is always so helpful and courteous. My dogs love her. My cat is psychotic and he loves her too! It is convenient to get an appointment and I am always pleased with the results.

Reviews: 1

Posted on 5/27/2006
She was able to take my puppy that had gotten into the brush and tangled his coat on short notice but she did an admirable job. And, it was clear she takes care with the animals and loves them. I will look no further for L.D.

I am very picky about where I take my animals for any service. I researched groomers in Acworth and found Abelman's available with great reviews. Sandra did a fabulous job and took great care of my cat Mia. The whole time I was there I observed nothing but kind words and gentle touches with Mia. I highly recommend anyone who needs a groomer to call Ableman's.