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How to find a good groomer
Ableman's Home Pet Grooming

Christy Noel

Because I deliver such personal one on one service,  I realize that I cannot be there for everyone.  So I would like to offer a little advice to those I cannot service, on how to find someone worthy of leaving your pet with.
Unfortunately, in my line of work I have seen many very sad cases of abuse.  Grooming businesses that have even been shut down for such extreme abuse of the animals.  Just because someone works with animals, please don't assume they do it because they love animals!  I wish all was well in the 'pet business' but it's not always that way.  So, I have come up with a few suggestions to help you find the good, and eliminate the bad.
Signs to look for in a groomer...
1.  Your pet should be no more upset with being taken to the groomer then he would be with facing the bathtub, brush, and clippers at home.  I say that because that is how they will see the groomer the second time around!
2. If your pet starts to seem more possesive of you when you get to the groomers it's a bad sign.  Dogs have wonderful intuition - go with it!  But, don't confuse this with just clinging to you in hopes of you not leaving them.  The difference you are looking for is aggression towards the groomer.
3.  If you brush your pet regularly at home and notice after getting a new groomer that he becomes 'brush shy' - beware.  I have heard of many cases where the brush becomes a 'paddle' with many impatient groomers.
4.  They have a 'No Stay' policy.  I understand that many businesses just don't have room for all the clients to hang around all day, until they get to their pet, but you should at least be able to go back and check on him when you want to, and even request that you be present when they get to your pet.  If not, why risk it?  I know of at least one very popular business, and I know you've heard of it too (I just can't say here which one), that has windows to watch your pet being groomed, but they don't show the back where they bathe and de-matt, and most of my abused dogs and cats come from those back rooms!  So don't be fooled by them!
5.  Trust your own intuition!  You know your pet better than anyone, he's like a child to you and you can tell if something is not right.  So, please, just trust in your own intuition, pet professionals are NOT always right!
6.  Finally - When you find the right groomer for you and your pet, stick with them - FOREVER!  Your pet with be much happier with the routine and being able to develop a relationship with your groomer.