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How it started...
Ableman's Home Pet Grooming

How it all started...

Sandra G. Ableman

     It is no surprise to family and those of you who knew me since I was a child that I am doing what I am doing.  I was the kid on the block that everyone brought the stray and injured pets to, and never turned away a single one of them.  I usually managed to clean them up, get them back on a good diet and find them a good home, and of course, kept a few along the way.  When I got a little older, I kept doing that as well and raising fish and hamsters and selling them to several  pet stores in San Antonio where I grew up.  It was not a bad income for a 12 year old!  At 15 we got our first Pomeranian, who I was able to train for the show ring (but unfortunately was disqualified by one pound too much), breed and, oh yes, a lot of grooming and eventually got 2 more poms to also care for.  So, naturally, when I moved out and got my first job it was, but of course, a pet store.  I learned alot there and much of it was not pleasant - there is a reason they say not to buy dogs and cats from pet stores - so please don't! 
      I quit shortly after and was left with a bad taste in my mouth for the whole pet trade.  So I went to school full time and became quite a work-a-holic for the next few years, sometimes working 4 jobs at a time, mostly managing daycare, (one at home and one at the church), delivering pizza, working at the T.V. station on campus and going to school. 
     Then when I moved out here to Georgia I came across an ad at a Vet clinic and decided to check into the 'pet area' again.  (I tell you, I was that disturbed at seeing what really goes on at pet stores)  I still kept pets all along and still felt it was in the cards for me.  I went in and got hired on the spot - I was thrillled!!  I mostly worked assisting the vet in surgery and during routine visits, but in the morning would take care of the grooming and learned a lot of things there that I didn't know I didn't know.  It was exceptionally rewarding. 
     About a year later, I found out that my husband and I were expecting our 3rd child.  It was good and bad.  Great to have another baby, bad because of a history of complicated and high risk pregnancies that I would have to quit and stay home until the birth of our child.  So, with many tears I had to leave the vet.
     Almost a year after the birth of our daughter, I was very anxious to get back to working with animals.  But, now with 3 kids, it made just about any job not worth the daycare expenses - which was OK with me, because I didn't want to leave them anyway!  But, now I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I was equally driven in two directions and neither of them seemed to be relenting.  One I was desperately in love with my kids and didn't want to miss a moment with them, or leave them with strangers and two - a very strong drive to DO something (didn't I mention the work-a-holic thing?) and primarily I missed all the animals.  So what else can you do in this situation?  PRAY!   And I did, alot!  I finally gave it over to Him and then He handed me this -Ableman's Home Pet Grooming.


What a job!

Someone once said that if you find a job doing what you like,
then you won't have to work a day in your life.




Even bunnies sometimes need a groomer!