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We Now Carry Nuvet Supplements!

Ableman's Home Pet Grooming

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The only supplement I would ever recommend.  I, personally, have seen amazing results with my clients.   Listen to what people are saying....

“A Keeper”

My late husband was a veterinarian.  We ran his mixed practice for a number of years before his death.  I have bred dogs and cats for 30 years.  I have maintained a herd of 250+ potbellied pigs for the last 10 years.  I have involved myself intensely with leading veterinarians in this country and abroad to create and maintain a medical database to enhance treatment protocols for potbellies.

I have been using NuVet Plus for 8 months on specific animals of my own – in particular 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 pot-bellied pigs.  I am impressed with the results.  The following medical conditions have been greatly improved or eliminated in my dogs and cats:  stress in adults and off-spring related to weaning, recurring urinary tract infections in spite of antibiotic therapy, arthritis (10 yr. old toy poodle), chronic respiratory condition (17 yr. old spayed Siamese) and poor hair coats.  The potbellies I chose are 7 – 9 years old, females, 1 intact, 2 spayed.  In 30 days, I could see a dramatic difference in their overall appearance.  They no longer need repeated treatments for mange, their hair coats are back in, the skin is no longer dry and flaky, they are holding their weight and their body condition is on par with some of my 3 yr. olds.  One 9 yr. old female who has suffered from motor dysfunction due to acute hypoglycemia as a 3-day old piglet, can now run 100 ft. to her food dish without staggering or tripping.

I have seen many products come and go over the years.  NuVet Plus is by far the best.  The results are timely, measurable, and sustaining.  In addition to enhancing animals’ diets with much needed nutrients, this product enables them to better assimilate their usual diet.  This eliminates the need to change an already appropriate diet, which in turn reduces stress.

This product is definitely a “keeper”!

Jenny B.


Dear NuVet Labs,

I can’t tell you how wonderful I think these vitamins are.  I received samples last year and, as usual, threw them up on the shelf thinking, “OK, I will try them one day.”

I had a dog shipped to me that had gotten razor burned at the tip of his sheath.  It was very swollen and no matter what antibiotics I tried, nothing worked.  A month later and several hundred dollars, I decided to try the NuVet vitamins (with the shark cartilage, I thought maybe this will help get the swelling down).  I put him on it for a week and, waaalaaa, the swelling went down and I was able to treat with antibiotics so it would heal.  It was better in about 10 days.

I had had some issues with mastitis in my females.  I decided that I would put my girls on it as when they were bred to see if that would help with that issue.  It has!!!  Since they have been on NuVet vitamins, I have not had another mastitis issue to date.  I have since started my pups on NuVet before they go to their new homes at around 6 weeks old.  Since their mom has been on them since they were conceived, their coats and general appearance is outstanding.  I recommend it to anyone with a pup, it helps with growth issues, and in older dogs it can help with any issues: skin, general all around health, etc.

I’m sold!  This is the best vitamins I have ever tried in the 25+ years I have raised dogs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nancy Smallwood

Small Hills Doodlesville



Dear Sir or Madam:

I found Topper abandoned on a wet street on a rainy night circling in front of cars. I brought him home and placed him in a back yard to call the Humane Society. He had cataracts and his coat was covered in feces, his claws were at least 1” long, one was ripped, his duel claws looked as if they had never been trimmed and his teeth were in terrible shape. After three days I decided to place an ad in the paper and get him groomed. No one claimed him, but by that time my husband and I fell in love with this poor mistreated animal.

Topper’s flesh was constantly red hot and he scratched himself raw. His hair kept falling out; you could see the skin on his back. Our veterinarian put him on an allergy free diet, sold me topical ointment, the groomer use hyper-allergenic products, and nothing helped except cortisone shots and tablets. For over a year he was on a steady diet of cortisone, and then he started developing thyroid problems.

On one of my trips to Gwen’s Grooming in San Bernardino, Gwen suggested NuVet Plus for dogs. After the first 2 weeks of one tablet daily, I stopped the

Cortisone tablets. After nine months, his coat has gotten much thicker, his scratching is under control, and he is a much healthier dog. The difference is remarkable. NuVet Plus has been the best investment of all the hundreds of dollars I have spent.

Topper is the best dog we have ever owned, he is loving and affectionate to all who come through our door. He is a wonderfully trained housedog and a great companion. He deserves his happiness and his health, and NuVet Plus has to be credited for that. We will not let one day go by without giving Topper his NuVet Plus.

Thank you so much,

Karen Cox